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Campbell ChainThe largest manufacturer of welded and weldless chain in the United States, Campbell® offers an array of chain sizes and types, rigging hardware, and material handling accessories. Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is one of the leading distributors of Campbell chain including Campbell alloy chain and Campbell chain accessories. Users of Campbell chain can select from a wide range of working load capacities including proof coil, high test, transport and alloy; finishes including self-colored, Blu-Krome®, galvanized and bright color polycoated.  Several chain types are even available in solid brass and bronze. Click the links below to view Campbell Alloy Chain Catalogs.

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Campbell Chain

Alloy Chain

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. carries two grades of alloy chain, Grade 80 (System 8) and Grade 100 (System 10) alloy. The higher the grade of an alloy chain, the higher its strength. Increased strength enables the user to use a lighter, smaller chain on many jobs. Although the Grade 80 chain is the most common alloy used, it is quickly being surpassed in popularity by Grade 100 alloy.  Grade 100 alloy is designed for the most demanding field applications and is the strongest chain in the industry. Grade 100 alloy chains have 25 percent higher work load limits than Grade 80 so they can perform the same lifts with a lighter weight chain, yet are comparable in price.

Alloy chain hookAlloy Chain Components

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. stocks all types of alloy chain components including alloy master links, alloy pear links, clevis grab hooks, clevis sling hooks, alloy coupling links, eye grab hooks, eye sling hooks, and eye foundry hooks.

Inspection, Repair, and Fabrication of Alloy Chain Slings

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is an authorized Campbell Chain Sling fabrication and repair station. We inspect, repair, tag, and proof test alloy chain slings and set up onsite inspection programs for customers. We fabricate and repair both mechanically coupled and welded chain slings. We are one of only a few companies in North America who fabricate welded alloy chain sling assemblies. Welded alloy chain slings are the toughest, most durable, and reliable slings made today.

Chain accessoriesChain Accessories

Campbell has an extensive line of snaps made from malleable iron, steel, zinc, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. Campbell also offers a broad line of accessories to compliment our chain and cable products, as well as products for use on synthetic webbing and rope.




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