The Crosby Group

The Crosby Group is a manufacturer and seller of the finest lifting and material handling products in the world. Crosby ® products such as Crosby hooks, Crosby swivels, Crosby shackles and marine blocks set the industry standard for quality, literally, with rigging contracts often stipulating "Crosby or equal" only. The Crosby ® reputation and signature quality are the result of decades of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. Through its landmark brands like Lebus ®, McKissick ® and National Swage ®, the Crosby ® Group has been making rugged, dependable products since 1956. Headquartered in Oklahoma, Crosby ® has manufacturing facilities in North America, Canada and Europe.

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The Crosby Group is made up of several brands including:

the crosby group
Crosby Shackle

The Crosby group carries wire rope end terminations, shackles, hooks, swivels, eye bolts, turnbuckles, links, rings, alloy chain, alloy chain fittings, swivel hoist rings.

McKissick Lifting Devices
McKissick Block

McKissick products consist of roll forged sheaves, construction blocks, crane blocks, drilling blocks, tubing blocks, tilt wall blocks, snatch blocks, lay down blocks, hayfork pulleys, tong blocks, overhaul balls, well logger’s blocks, crown blocks and guy line blocks.

Lebus Snatch Blocks

Lebus Chain

Lebus Products include winch line tail chains, lever load binders, ratchet load binders and snatch blocks.

Western Blocks
Western Block

Western products consist of wood shell blocks, steel shell blocks, gin blocks, painter’s supply blocks, trawl blocks, try net blocks and cargo hoisting blocks.

Crosby Clamp Co
Crosby Clamp

Crosby Clamp-Co products include pipe clamps, beam clamps, barrier grabs, granite grabs and curb grabs.

Crosby IP Clamps
Crosby IP Clamp

Crosby IP Clamps consist of vertical plate lifting clamps, horizontal plate lifting clamps, beam clamps and drum lifting clamps.

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