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Hilman Rollers® has been providing heavy lifting solutions to its customers since 1953. During these 55 years, Hilman Rollers has earned the trust of their customers by consistently providing durable, efficient, low maintenance roller dollies at a reasonable price. Throughout the country, customers that require transporting, shifting, and positioning of heavy objects turn to Hilman.

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Hilman Rollers® Products

The array of products offered by Hilman Rollers makes certain that you can find the right product for your needs. The Industrial Rollers, offered by Hilman, come in an assortment of sizes to handle different weight loads. Under the umbrella of Industrial Rollers, Hilman offers steel chain rollers (Light Duty Series, FTS Series, and ERS Series) and nylon rollers. The main difference between these two is that steel chain rollers are designed for regular floors, while nylon rollers are suited for delicate floors. Both rollers come in either rigid or swivel type. Hilman Rollers also has a line of Construction and OEM rollers. These rollers are designed to handle years of use in heavy construction and other similar applications. Included in the Construction and OEM rollers selection is the OT/OTB, T/TB, NT/NTB Series, the SHD/SHD-B series, the XYS Series, the ERF Series, and the WB Series. The primary difference between these rollers is weight capacities and size of the rollers. Lastly, the Hilman Tri-Glide Systems are 3 point load transfer systems that are ideal for use on finished floors.

Hilman Rollers® and Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

For several years, Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. has been a leading source for Hilman Rollers’ high quality products. Both of these companies have earned a reputation for providing lifting solutions that are dependable, safe, and cost efficient. Bishop Lifting Products is proud to have a partner that shares our values.

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