Newco Manufacturing for Wire Rope

Newco Manufacturing for wire ropeNewco Manufacturing is a quality company that has been manufacturing products for the construction, logging and marine industries since 1950. Newco has a broad product line that includes Wire Rope Clamps and Thimbles, Sling Saddles, Slip on Thimbles and Sling Bridles. The professional staff at Newco is committed to superior customers service and is able to help customers decide which product is necessary for their applications.

Newco Manufacturing Products

All Muncy products are built using the highest-quality materials available, using the best quality-control procedures.

Wire Rope Fittings for rope coupling, splicing and use with lanyards, hand lines and mooring lines:

  • Hooks

  • Combination Wire Rope Clamp & Thimble

  • Choker Hooks

  • Eye Hooks

  • Sorting Hooks

  • Thimbles

  • Sling Saddle Load Protectors

  • Steel Sleeves

  • Button Stops

  • Logger Buttons

  • Aluminum Sleeves

  • Swaging Tools

  • Copper Sleeves and Buttons

Web Sling Hardware for shackles and tie down equipment:

  • Triangles and Chokers

  • Steel & Aluminum Ratchets

  • End Fittings

  • Tie Down Hardware

  • Choker Hooks

  • Shackles

  • Corner Protectors

  • Synthetic Choker Hooks

Logging Hardware for attachment to sling’s body or end:

  • Ferrules

  • Sleeves

  • Choker Hooks

Newco Manufacturing and Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

Newco Manufacturing commitment to superior product quality and customer service makes it an ideal partner for Bishop Lifting Products. Bishop Lifting is happy to distribute a full line of products from Newco Manufacturing, and is able to help our customers choose the right product for their application.

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