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Big Pad - Crane Outrigger PadsBig Pads - Crane Outrigger Pads


Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. offers BigPads™ for crane outrigger pad applications. BigPads™ are made from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) and are significantly more durable and lighter than traditional wood or steel pads. Wood outrigger pads tend to splinter, hold water, and rot overtime.  Steel and aluminum pads tend to corrode, discolor, warp, and are heavy. BigPads™ are supplied standard in high-vis safety orange, but can be made in any color. For more information, email

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Straightpoint Load Cells and Scales

Straightpoint - load cells and scales

Straightpoint Load Cells and Scales

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. stocks Straightpoint digital load cells for crane and rigging applications. Straightpoint, Inc. has a 30 year history of excellence in product manufacturing and safety ratings, and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. All products are made in the UK and have a safety factor range of 25:1 to 4:1. Each product is tested 3 times the rated capacity to verify ratings and critical materials are traceable. The Straightpoint model RLP “Radio Link Plus ” has a wireless remote while the LLP “Load Link Plus ” model has a large LED readout display on the unit.  All load cells are light weight aircraft aluminum and are sized to fit standard Crosby G-209 and G-2130 shackles. Each unit also comes with a carrying case. For more information, email

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Sea Catch Sea Catch Load Release

The Sea Catch Toggle Release, now sold in over 43 countries world wide, is a mechanical quick release that is designed exclusively for releasing an object or line under load. With a patented, well-thought-out design, it uses over-center toggle linkage to safely secure a load, release a load and dampen shock.   Sea Catch meets these challenges with models ranging from .65-ton capacity to the TR18 with a 77.11-ton capacity. Since 1994 Sea Catches have played significant roles in safer releasing operations in many industries around the world. Some units have exceeded 5,000 cycles and are still in service. For more information, email

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