Liftmax® Lifting Beams

Similar to the Liftmax® spreader bar, Liftmax® Lifting Beams are one of the most common lifting devices we fabricate.  Lifting beams are required when headroom is limited and restricts the use of overhead rigging. Without the added overhead rigging to absorb the stress from the load, lifting beams must be designed structurally larger than spreader bars. Lifting beams are typically made from a beam and have a single top lifting point with multiple bottom lift points. The bottom lift points enable the user to specify exact lengths when rigging on standard or precision lifts. 

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. features an in-house engineering team with years of industry experience, the latest design technologies and highest quality fabrication techniques ready to design your custom lifting devices.  Our experienced in-house engineering and design team utilizes CAD, 3D modeling, and FEA programs. We are the lifting equipment design specialists geared specifically for building custom lifting devices according to the ASME BTH-1 design standard and ASME B30.20 “Below-the-Hook” standards.

Liftmax® lifting beams come standard with stainless steel data plates with individual serial numbers and RFID tracking and are proof tested to 125%.

Lifting Beam

Liftmax® Lifting Beam

I-beam design; Available in 5 - 20 ton and 6-20 feet length.

Lifting beam with hooks

Liftmax® Lifting Beam with Hooks

I-beam design with hooks.

Adjustable Lifting Beam

Liftmax® Adjustable Lifting Beam

I-beam design with either single or multiple lift points on top with multiple lift points on bottom.

Strongback lifting beam

Liftmax® Strongback Lifting Beam

Pipe or I-beam design with single lift point on top with multiple lift points on bottom.

reel adjustable lifting beam

Liftmax® Reel Adjustable Lifting Beam

Used for lifting steel reels, wooden spools, and cable drums.

Lifting Head

Liftmax® Lifting Head

Solid plate lifting head with single lift lug.

Shaft/Roll Lifting Beam

Liftmax® Shaft/Roll Lifting Beam

Used for lifting paper mill rolls, turbine shafts, and tubulars.

Fixed Length H-beam

Liftmax® H-Beam, Fixed Length

Used for low headroom applications.

Adjustable H-beam

Liftmax® H-Beam, Adjustable

Used for low headroom applications








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