Rigging Tools: Plate Clamps, Lifting Magnets, Rollers, and Hydraulic Jacks

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is a stocking distributor of top brands of rigging accessories. Rigging accessories are used along with rigging hardware, slings, and other crane accessories to perform a rigging job. Rigging applications include lifting, jacking, floating, or towing.

plate clampPlate Clamps

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. stocks two brands of plate clamps for handling steel, JC Renfroe and Crosby IP. Plate clamps are a rigging accessory that are normally suspended from a crane hook and attached to steel to facilitate lifting. Because there are a multitude of steel types, shapes, sizes, and weights, there is a wide variety of plate clamps to choose from. You need to determine all of these variables and select the plate lifting clamp that has the right capacity and grip range for the steel your handling. Also, you need to know what orientation the steel is positioned in at the beginning of the lift, and what orientation it needs to end up in at the end of the lift. This is important because some plate clamps lift vertically only, others in a 90 degree range motion, and others that can move plate 180 degrees.


  • JC Renfroe Plate Clamps PDF Catalog JC Renfroe Plate Clamps Catalog
  • Crosby Clamps PDF Crosby Lifting Clamps





  • SeaCatch Product Sheet SeaCatch




power team hydraulic ramHydraulic Rams, Jacks, Air Bags

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is a distributor of hydraulic lifting rams, cylinders, jacks, pumps, tools, and pneumatic bags from Power Team. Power Team’s commitment to quality is evident in everything they manufacture, from raw material receipt to how they support their customers years after they purchase their products. Power Team hydraulic cylinders fully comply with the criteria set forth in the ASME B30.1 “Jacks” standard.

  • Power Team Product Catalog Power Team Catalog




Hilman RollerRollers

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is a distributor of Hilman Rollers. Hilman Rollers has manufactured high capacity rollers and skidding systems since 1953. Because no two applications for rollers are the same, Hilman has designed and manufactured many different engineered solutions to ensure proper fit and function. Kits and sets of Hilman Rollers are available that include four rollers, handles, and a case.

Hilman has also recently developed the TRAKSPORTER, a remote control heavyweight transport device. Allows user to have the ability to move heavy, awkward objects in tight areas where using a forklift would be difficult. Click here for more information.


  • Hilman Rollers Hilman Rollers Brochure
  • Hilman Rolelrs Product Sheet Hilman Rollers Product Sheet






industrial lifting magnetsLifting Magnets

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is a distributor of two brands of lifting magnets. Lifting magnets are a great option where slings and standard rigging products are not able to be used. Lifting magnets can be used to move material in any plant, shipping/receiving areas, as well as cut-off sawas and burning and welding tables. Some units are able to handle pipe, tubing I and H beams, angles, channels, and pilings. The two brands we handle are Walker Magnets and Industrial Magnetics. Both are available with mechanical and powered magnets with varied capacities and applications.


  • Industrial Magnetics Products Industrial Magnetics
  • Walker Magnetics Products Brochure Walker Magnetics Lifting Magnets


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