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Bishop Lifting Products is pleased to offer a J.D. Neuhaus, Chester Hoists, Coffing Hoists or Budgit Hoists for purchase. A hoist is a tool designed to lift or lower a load. Hoists make transporting loads of all sizes simple and safe. They are often classified by load capacity and source of power. Hoists can be powered manually, electrically, or by air. They typically use either wire rope or chain to lift materials. JD Neuhaus hoists are driven by compressed air. This is ideal for explosion-hazardous areas because air generates no sparks. BLP prides itself in carrying products from industry leaders who manufacture premium quality hoists designed for jobs of all sizes. To determine what type and size hoist is best for the job, please contact our sales team at for a quick quote.

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Wire Rope Hoist

Wire Rope or Chain Hoists

Hoists typically rely on either wire rope or chain to lift materials. Both of these lifting mediums are durable and efficient. Wire rope hoists are able to perform high speed lifting tasks easily. They can handle a wide range of weight capacities. Chain hoists are beneficial because of their long lasting, rugged design. They are good to use for long, heavy lifts. Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. partners with both Coffing Hoists® and Chester Hoist®, and they each offer a wide collection of wire rope and chain hoists.


Manual Hoists

Manual Hoists and chain hoistManual hoists are frequently applauded for their durability and portability. These hoists, ratchet and hand chains, can handle loads between ½ and 50 tons. High quality manual hoists are safe, reliable, and efficient. Coffing Hoists® and Chester Hoist® both offer a wide variety of manual hoists designed to provide a safe and durable lifting solution for your projects of every size. Email for a quick quote.

  • Coffing® Manual Hoists- Coffing Hoists® manufactures an assortment of manual hoists designed to handle from ½ to 50 tons. Their line of manual hoists includes ratchet levers and hand chains. The ratchet lever is simple to use and comes in styles that handle up to 6 tons of weight. Hand chains provide a safe and effective lifting solution. Models of Coffing Hoists® Hand Chain hoists range from ½ to 50 tons capacity.

  • Chester® Manual Hoists- Chester Hoist® is a leading manufacturer of manual hoists in ¼ through 25 tons capacity. Their premium grade, durable manual hoists provide a cost effective lifting solution to many industries. The Chester Hoist® line of manual hoists includes hook type hoists, swivel truck low headroom, low headroom trolley hoists, twin hook hoists, extended hand wheel, and army type hoists.

Electric Hoists

Electric HoistElectric hoists provide a smooth, safe, and noise free lifting solution. Used in a wide array of industries, electric hoists come in either chain or wire rope. Since the 19th century, the wire rope hoist and chain hoists have been used with regularity. Their reliability has helped them both stand the test of time. Electric hoists can handle weight loads ranging from 250lbs to 25 tons. Coffing Hoists® and Chester Hoist® each offer a broad selection of electric hoists tailored to meet your desired weight load capacity.

  • Coffing® Electric Hoists- The electric line of Coffing Hoists® products is anchored by their Coffing Power Up® division. The Coffing Power Up® arsenal of products includes electric chain, electric wire rope, turnover hoist, and extended duty hoists. All of these products are safe, reliable, and cost efficient.
  • Chester® Electric Hoists- Chester Hoist® boasts an impressive collection of electric hoists. Their electric chain hoists are easy to operate, smooth, and quiet. With a range of 1 to 25 tons, the electric chain hoists offered by Chester Hoist® are versatile enough to handle a variety of projects. Chester Hoist® also offers its customers electric wire rope hoists. These hoists minimize noise and come in configurations ranging from 1 to 15 tons capacity.

Air Powered Hoists

Air Powered HoistSmaller lifting projects can use air power. These air powered hoists can handle loads from 120 lbs to 7 ½ tons. Air powered hoists offer numerous benefits. They are simple to use and require minimum maintenance. Using an air powered hoist is often less expensive than an electric hoist. Also, since they run on compressed air, they do not produce any sparks, thus making them explosion and flame proof. J.D. Neuhaus, Coffing Hoists® and Chester Hoist® offer top of the line air powered hoists. Each company provides products that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Email for a quick quote.

  • J.D. Neuhaus Air Powered Hoists - JDN hoists and winches are particularly small and compact. This widens the range of applications and facilitates transportation. Due to the low number of components, service life time is extended and maintenance is simplified. Their hoists are suitable for application in hazardous areas as the driving medium, air opposite to electricity, does not produce sparks.

  • Coffing® Air Powered Hoists- For smaller loads, Coffing Air Power® can do the job. This line of air powered hoists includes air chains, air balancers, and air manipulators. They come in models that can handle anywhere from 120 lbs to 7 ½ tons. They are a cost reducing investment for companies that need to move smaller loads. To purchase please email for a quick quote.

  • Chester® Air Powered Hoists- Many of the Chester Hoist® electric lifting devices can be equipped for air operation. Air powered hoists are less expensive to operate than electric hoists, thus saving your company money and increasing profits. The air powered lifting devices offered by Chester Hoist® are spark free and improve safety in your workplace. To purchase please email for a quick quote.

Concert Rigging

The entertainment industry relies on hoists for all of their productions. Coffing Hoists® specializes in manufacturing lifting and rigging equipment for concert production. The Coffing UJC® is lightweight, portable, rugged and quiet. It can handle loads from ½ to 2 tons. Furthermore, it can lift loads up to 120 feet at speeds of 8 to 32 fpm. The Coffing Prostar® is designed for concerts held in smaller venues. It is compact and portable, but has the strength to handle small concert productions. With a built in overload protection, the Coffing Prostar® is safe and reliable. To purchase please email for a quick quote.


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